Our Investment Approach

Our approach to investing is simple, but very effective. We believe in several core concepts:

  • We believe in investing more when good quality investments fall in value
  • We believe in selling investments when they have made a reasonable gain to ‘bank the gains’
  • We believe in mixing different types of investments to radically reduce the risk of investing

These core concepts are helped by the way in which we manage our clients’ money:

  • We check every investment every day
  • When an investment needs moving, we move it fast. We don’t wait for your approval
  • We believe in education. We want you to understand what we are doing and why

These concepts and management strategies are all part of The Advanced Investment Strategy ™.

The strategy has been developed over the last 25 years by the IFA firm Wills & Trusts IFP. It has become so popular because of its low risk results that WTDFM was created to share the strategy with people other than Wills & Trusts’ Clients. You can access the Advanced Investment Strategy™ only through an authorised firm of advisers.